Going through a rebrand, IndieOne will become your one-stop service for all startup operations with a tech-optimist, future ops focus.
As the founder, I am a big believer in slim operations. Startups should have great operations, but most of their time and effort should be focused on product or service strategy, not, “can I recruit?”
I started recruiting in 2011 in an agency in Tokyo and quickly found that I was different from other recruiters. I was accused of spending too much effort in understanding client needs and not spamming every person on the market. When I met with candidates (all candidate outreach was through f2f meetings at the time), I would spend extra time making sure what I had for them would fit long-term, and that they understood the interview and decision process thoroughly. While I’ve found ways to be more direct and to the point, IndieOne still carries with it an emphasis on quality over quantity, on fit over fast. Speed matters, but not the rushing kind. Speed is all about good choices, not instant Slack communications.
In 2024, we are expanding into other services such as marketing, finance, and other rev ops, people ops, etc.
Brian’s talent for understanding and helping to grow an organization is first class.


All services are available for the United States, Japan, and Australia, standard prices given in USD.

Recruiting Services

At IndieOne, we provide recruiting augmentation services on a monthly-fee basis, ranging from $3,000-$24,000, depending on the needs. We are most useful to clients that need top-to-bottom recruitment support, from hiring planning to sourcing and screening and offers and closing.

Personnel Architecture

Our personnel architecture project is for clients who understand that their people are the key to success, and that solving for engagement will enable high performance AND peak fun. The work of this project is to identify OKRs across positions, level-set, and identify a path to get the most out of the talent market. Pricing starts at $15,000 and the project usually takes 8 weeks.

Retained Search

Executive Retained Search services range from $30,000-$50,000 per search. We charge in 2 portions, 40:60.
What sets us apart in this work is our understanding of personal fit within an organization and our sourcing process, which includes high-result answers, recorded interviews, and a methods-driven closing process.

Brian has been instrumental in helping me build my team from the ground up, hiring some key roles with some pretty niche skill sets that are rare

Recruiting Philosophy

Engagement = Performance + Fun
If you can’t do the job, you’ll be miserable.
If you can’t perform well, you’ll quickly lose engagement.
If you aren’t driven by curiosity and challenge, you’ll grow bored.
Rather than spending a ton on candy, toys, and unwanted benefits, hire people who will love the work.
Getting engagement right starts with an Engagement Profile
Engagement comes from...
Key Results
Many managers hide their lack of work clarity in bloated job descriptions. Instead, use a 1-paragraph engagement profile to get everyone clear and focused.
Download this PDF for execution on the Engagement Profile:
Engagement Profiles.pdf
142.1 kB
Brian and I also had many lengthy discussions about business structure in general, especially with regard to how my group could be most effective. He brought a wealth of experience to these discussions, and became a much-appreciated sounding board for me.

Current Team

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304 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89107

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